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WRG can supply a complete programm of relief goods. This broad range of products is devided into three sections;

  • Shelter & Camp, with different types of Relief Tents, blankets and a complete watersanitation programm.
  • Camp Support, with items to organize your camp site or stationary. Here you find i.e  a complete power supply programm, Lighting Kits , Hygiene and Personal Protection equipment.
  • Transport, a complete programm with vehicles (Toyota), fuel delivery systems, vehicles accessoires and car tools
  • Medical supplies, a growing range of products, personal protection equipment, hygien and infection prevention
  • Emergency stock, here you find the actual avaliable stock in the Netherlands and abroad (temporarily under construction)

WRG continuously is adding and improving the items in the relief programm, this together with related NGO's. If you have special requests, ideas or want to customize kits, please feel free to contact us. Our productmanager will be pleased to help you.

WRG warehouse Gassel


Shelter and Bedding WRG Blankets WRG Generator kits WRG Tool kits WRG Safety and Protection WRG Tools WRG Car Recovery Kit WRG Tarpaulin & Sheets
Relief Tents Blankets Generators Tools & Spare parts Safety & Protection Tools Car recovery kit Tarpaulin/sheets
WRG Fuel pump kits WRG Kit Watertank WRG Jerrycans WRG Lighting WRG Kitchenset WRG Generator kit 3kVa WRG Tyres 4x4
Fuel pumps Water tank Jerry Cans Lighting Kitchenset Vehicles Generator kit Tyres 4x4
WRG Service kit Vehicle WRG Solar panel kit WRG Gravity Water filter WRG Tyre repair kit WRG Vehicle tools WRG Water tools WRG Fuel delivery hand pump WRG Multipurpose tent
Service kit Vehicle Solar panel kit Gravity water filter Tyre repair kit Vehicle tools Water & plumber tools Fuel delivery Multipurpose tent


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Update Kit Jetting available

We updated the file Kit Jetting. This kit enables shallow drilling, maximum 5 meter depth, for water in alluvial soils (river banks, temporary river beds etc). Kit suitable for drilling 3 holes. It requires a motor pump (minimum 30 m 3/h), a water tank and a basic water tools kit.

WRG Sandladders

WRG provides a Kit Car recovery in cases where your vehicle is stuck into mud or sand. New in this kit is the private label WRG Sandladder. This aluminium sandladder, size 125 x 45 cm, weight 5.6 kg is specially made for WRG.


WRG supllies vehicles accessoires and custom made kits for car recovery, maintanance and fuel delivery systems.

Information and contact

If you want more information on the sandladders or vehicle accessoires please contact us. Please submit the contact form or dial +31 486 473577WRG SandladderWRG Sandladder

NEW: Pharox Solar Kit LED

WRG has added the Pharox Solar Kit into the programm. This kit, consisting of a solar panel and a lamp, gives up to 45 hours of light without recharging. Recharging within 8 hours when sunny. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Wijnroemer Relief Goods (WRG) Gassel The Netherlands

Pharos Solar Kit

Hygiene kits & Respirators

Are you looking for hygiene kits or large quantity's FFP2 respirators?

WRG can offer good prices and fast delivery times. Please contact our sales department at:

Tel. +31 (0)486 473577